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The best brands use WiSA technology. Hear why.

At WiSA, innovation never stops. From high-performance audio technologies—that transmit and receive ultra high-definition audio—to industry-wide partnerships, WiSA is driving the future of home audio. We work with—and align the efforts of—leading brands, technology partners, developers, and retailers, as they create and market immersive audio solutions for every application in the home.

Sound innovation.

Uncompromising quality.

"Stunning, realistic, immersive—these words embody WiSA's approach to home audio. No matter what type of entertainment you're enjoying—music, movies, games—or where in the home you're listening, WiSA technology delivers the highest-quality sound to the speakers around you. The result is lifelike spatial sound that transforms the entertainment experience."

—Tony Ostrom, President, WiSA

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Spectacular wireless sound. No hassle.

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No speaker wires

With a WiSA-certified sound system, ultra high-definition audio is transmitted and received wirelessly, eliminating the need for speaker wires.

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Immersive audio

By delivering multiple channels of high-definition audio, WiSA makes it possible to hear content as it was produced, creating a truly immersive experience.

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Picture-perfect sync

All audio channels are tightly synchronized to deliver exceptional performance across your sound system.

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Simple setup

Set up a complete sound system in minutes—not hours—and expand your system over time, with ease.

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Mix and match

WiSA technology makes it possible to mix and match WiSA-certified components seamlessly.

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Granular control

Put every aspect of your sound system at your fingertips. Control your speakers from your smartphone or your WiSA-ready TV.

WiSA makes it possible.

Superior wireless audio for picture-perfect home entertainment

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Looking for WiSA-certified products?

Visit a WiSA-certified retailer.

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Experience sound in motion.

When you sit in a movie theater, your viewing experience is transformed by audio. Sound moves all around you—different audio channels coming from different speakers—all intricately engineered to envelop you in the intrigue, action, and emotion of the story on the screen. WiSA brings that experience into your living room.

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Take audio to a new level with WiSA.

When a home entertainment system features WiSA technology, it delivers multiple channels of stunning HD audio wirelessly. The result is breathtaking, 360° cinematic sound with picture-perfect sync. Learn how WiSA technology is changing the face of home audio around the world.

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Add WiSA to your brand's lineup.

When a product is certified by WiSA, customers know it delivers superior sound quality, and is simple to connect and operate. The brands behind those products are members of the WiSA Association, and share a commitment to wireless audio excellence. If you're interested in building WiSA technology into your products, learn more about the association.

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