Buchardt Audio is a Danish based high-end loudspeaker manufacturer. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art sound at an affordable price. We have succeeded in this task with the help of some of the most talented developers and engineers in the industry. Our speakers are the product of a long and meticulous design process.

Buchardt A500 Speaker on a white background


Are you looking for a powerful compact speaker with the capability of being full range without the use of a sub? Then it's pretty likely that you would love these. They also have the convenience of being wireless if you buy them as a bundle with either the Platin Hub or Primare SC15. Could also be any other WiSA Transmitter. If you, like many people, don't have the optimal acoustic room, and maybe you don't have the option to pull speakers far away from the wall, then in this case the A500's got your back.

Buchardt speaker tower on a white background


The A700 is a pretty compact floorstander. Unlike what you would expect from this size, you have SO much headroom with the total 5 x 6" long stroke woofers. It provides insane deep bass, confidence and power to play loud in even very large rooms. Yet the 3 internal sealed enclosures for the woofers, results in a fast and nuanced bass performance. And with its dedicated midrange, it would hold its sharp image and soundstage at very high SPL levels.

Buchardt Anniversary 10 speaker with and without covers

Anniversary 10

The Anniversary 10 (A10) is a culmination of all the experience that we have gathered over the last 10 years of designing and building HiFi speakers. The A10 is something we are truly proud of, both in terms of sound, look and production values. It is a true celebration of our passion for amazing high-end sound, great engineering and high value products.