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Hisense U7G 4k ULED TV over a white background

U7G 4K ULED™ Smart TV

Sure, it’s great for Netflix, the big game and the real housewives of wherever. But the U7G is made for the gamers. Game Mode Pro makes controller commands instant. And less lag means easier frags. With the help of high-speed HDMI inputs, Automatic Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate, gaming is smooth like butter. You get instant response times, minimal motion blur and halo effects.

Hisense U8 4k ULED TV over a white background

U8 Series 4K ULED™ Premium Smart TV

We’re streaming more content than ever. But we don’t just want bigger screens to watch all this new stuff, we want better cinematic features. Enter the U8G. This is the best all-round TV. Hands down. Movies, sports, movies about sports…it’ll handle anything you can throw at it and look great doing it.