WiSA E Technology

Superior Wireless Sound Made Simple.

Modern living room with interconnected speakers, showcased with blue graphic lines illustrating the wireless connectivity

WiSA's latest module provides the number of channels and high-quality audio transmissionf or a scalable Atmos immersive audio system.

WiSA E operates in 5GHz portion of the Wi-Fi spectrum and is capable of transmitting 8 independent 48kHz PCM audio channels with low latency and tight speaker synchronization. Ideal for TV, soundbar, wireless surrounds, and subwoofer applications; WiSA E supports the WiSA Association's interoperability standard for maximum flexibility and scalability.

Build your ideal immersive sound system with WiSA E.

WiSA E delivers Atmos-quality immersive sounds fields at an affordabe price.

Modern living room with interconnected speakers, showcased with blue graphic lines illustrating the wireless connectivity

Explore WiSA E System Technology by the numbers.


Speaker wires

WiSA E System Technology transmits and receives audio wirelessly—no speaker wires are needed.


GHz spectrum

WiSA E transmits audio over a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network it creates—data  is secured using Wi-Fi AES 256-bit encryption. To ensure optimal performance, even when network congestion is high, the WiSA E transceiver minimizes traffic by utilizing advanced error correction algorithms that require audio packets to only be transmitted one time.



WiSA E delivers uncompressed, 24-bit audio at a sample rate of 48 kHz, exceeding the sound quality of CDs. This quality standard applies to all eight channels of audio, no matter how they're used—for full-range speakers, subwoofers, or Atmos height channels.



WiSA E transmits eight channels of 24-bit/48 kHz audio. The WiSA E transceiver is ideal for TVs, soundbar, wireless surrounds, and subwoofer applications. With eight channels of high-quality audio, WiSA E can drive the latest in immersive home audio experiences.

20 ms

Fixed latency

WiSA E features an audio delay of only 20 ms (transport latency) at 48 kHz—meeting the ITU specification for lip-synch acceptability ITU-R BT1359-1 and system delay requirements from audio Codec Providers. Best of all, the delay is fixed and cannot be impacted by the number of audio channels transmitted, the distance between the audio transmitter and speakers, or by RF interference.

±1 audio sample


With synchronization time at only ±1 audio sample (48 kHz sample rate), WiSA E ensures sound from every speaker is perfectly synced.

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