Insist on WiSA Certified.

Stunning wireless sound. Groundbreaking performance.

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Look for the WiSA-certified emblem.

When a product is certified by WiSA, not only does it feature WiSA technology, but it has passed rigorous tests to ensure complete compliance with WiSA standards. Only then does the product earn WiSA-certified interoperable status, meaning it works with other WiSA-certified products seamlessly—right out of the box.

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Wireless audio excellence

WiSA technologies enable ultra-high quality audio to be transmitted and received wirelessly—with perfect synchronization and no perceivable latency. From unparalleled audio quality to easy setup and operation, WiSA technology sets the standards for wireless audio excellence worldwide.

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Flawless interoperability

All components, that use WiSA Home Theater (HT) technology and are certified by WiSA, work together seamlessly—independent of brand. And setup is always simple.

When you see the WiSA-certified emblem, you know a product meets the highest globally-recognized standards for wireless sound.

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WiSA raises the bar.

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Surround sound made simple

With WiSA, the traditional combination of an amplifier/receiver and wired speakers is replaced by a wireless audio transmitter and powered speakers with built-in receivers. Multiple channels of ultra high-definition audio is transmitted and received wirelessly, making setup and speaker placement extremely easy.

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Immersive audio with granular control

With WiSA, you hear content the way it was produced—with multiple channels of stunning audio that surround you. With the WiSA app, every aspect of your sound system at your fingertips, making it simple to create the perfect, immersive experience.

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Exceptional sync and performance

All audio channels are tightly synchronized to deliver exceptional performance across your sound system. WiSA technology makes it possible to mix and match WiSA-certified components seamlessly.

Make great connections, in minutes.

All WiSA Home Theater (HT)-certified components—independent of brand—work together seamlessly.

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The wireless audio transmitter locates and connects to WiSA-certified speakers automatically.

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Plug the wireless audio transmitter into your Smart TV, typically via HDMI ARC or eARC.

Power up.

Plug speakers and a wireless audio transmitter, such as WiSA SoundSend, into power outlets.

Have a product that uses WiSA technology? Learn about the certification process.

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How does WiSA home cinema differ from traditional home theater?

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