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Experience wireless audio excellence.

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WiSA technology products enable the world's best brands to transmit and receive ultra high-quality audio—wirelessly.

Superb quality, simple setup, and perfect synchronization are all traits that embody WiSA technology. And the brands that incorporate our technology into their products would settle for nothing less. Whether you're developing TVs and sound systems or purchasing them for your home or business, WiSA ensures your wireless entertainment experience exceeds all expectations.

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WiSA Technology Products

WiSA technology products transmit and receive multiple channels of uncompressed audio, wirelessly.

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Learn about WiSA technology product lines.

WiSA Discrete System Technology »

WiSA Discrete System Technology transmits and receives up to five channels (including a subwoofer) of uncompressed 16-bit 48 kHz sound over a Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz spectrum) it creates.

WiSA Home Theater Technology »

Featuring a transmitter module and a receiver module, WiSA Home Theater Technology delivers up to eight channels of uncompressed 24-bit 48/96 kHz sound over a wireless network (U-NII 5 GHz spectrum) it creates.

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WiSA-Enabled Products

From for TVs and soundbars to surround sound systems, the best brands use WiSA technology to deliver outstanding wireless sound.

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