World’s First WiSA Ready™ 4K UHD Smart Projector Developed by LG Electronics

September 22, 2020

SAN JOSE, Calif. (September 14, 2020) — WiSA® LLC, founded by Summit Wireless Technologies (NASDAQ: WISA), today announced that Association member LG Electronics will introduce the world’s first WiSA Ready™4K UHD laser projector in key markets starting in the fourth quarter.

“The WiSA Association is always eager to see what technology innovation LG is going to release next, and the CineBeam 4K UDH projector does not disappoint,” said Tony Ostrom, President of WiSA. “Like many of LG’s latest TVs, this WiSA Ready projector can easily connect with WiSA Certified™ speakers from global providers including Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen, Enclave Audio, Bouchard, Harman, System Audio, Axiim and many others, creating a home theater cinema environment like no other. This impressive solution is an amazing option when looking to create a professional theater experience in the home.”

As the first WiSA Ready projector, the LG HU810PW 4K UHD Smart Dual Laser CineBeam Projector will easily connect to WiSA USB Transmitters, allowing seamless wireless audio and control communication with all WiSA Certified™speakers. In addition to its wireless audio capabilities, the projector boasts a wide range of projection size flexibility, offering a compact 40-inch projection size all the way to a 300-inch projection, which allows any user to easily watch a small screen picture in a bedroom or experience larger theater viewing.

The projector elevates any picture quality and performs equally well with both dark and bright scenes – spec’d at 2,700 ANSI lumens of brightness. Its 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution brings crisp, sharp images to any screen. With the projector being WiSA Ready™, and when combined with a WiSA Certified USB Transmitter and WiSA Certified speakers, the sound experience is comparable, if not clearer, to what one would experience in a professional theater setting.

“With home movie viewership at an all-time high, we think our newest CineBeam 4K UHD Laser projector is going to make a significant impression in the home cinema market,” said Kim Sang-hyun, head of IT Product Planning at LG Electronics. “Thanks to its incredible picture quality, large projection capability and WiSA Ready technology, LG CineBeam can deliver immersive video and audio experiences to home viewers like never before.”

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WiSA®, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, is a consumer electronics consortium dedicated to creating interoperability standards utilized by leading brands and manufacturers to deliver immersive sound via intelligent devices. WiSA Certified™ components from any member brand can be combined to dramatically increase the enjoyment of movies and video, music, sports, gaming/esports, and more. WiSA also ensures robust, high definition, multi-channel, low latency audio while eliminating the complicated set-up of traditional audio systems. For more information about WiSA, please visit:

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Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA) is a leading provider of immersive, wireless sound technology for intelligent devices and next generation home entertainment systems. Working with leading CE brands and manufacturers such as Harman International, a division of Samsung, LG Electronics, Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen, Xbox, a subsidiary of Microsoft, and others, Summit Wireless delivers seamless, dynamic audio experiences for high-definition content, including movies and video, music, sports, gaming/esports, and more. Summit Wireless is a founding member of WiSA, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association and works in joint partnership to champion the most reliable interoperability standards across the audio industry. Summit Wireless, formerly named Summit Semiconductor, Inc., is headquartered in San Jose, CA with sales teams in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. For more information about Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc., please visit:

* WiSA Ready TVs, gaming PCs and console systems are “ready” to transmit audio to WiSA Certified speakers when a WiSA USB Transmitter is plugged in and a user interface is activated through an APP or product design like LG TVs.

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