WiSA Announces Certification of Axiim LINK WiSA USB Transmitter

October 11, 2018

WiSA® LLC, an Association of leading consumer electronics brands and founded by Summit Wireless Technologies (NASDAQ: WISA) announces the certification of the “Link” WiSA USB Transmitter from Association member Axiim. The Axiim Link plugs into any WiSA Ready audio source including TVs, gaming systems and PCs and allows them to easily connect to any speakers certified by the WiSA Association. The Axiim Link transmitter is also the first and only wireless, high-resolution device designed for Xbox One and Windows PCs that is also WiSA Certified.

The WiSA Association and its members are committed to revolutionizing the home entertainment experience by delivering immersive, uncompressed, high-definition, multichannel sound through the universal standards established and certified by the WiSA Association.

“The Axiim team is super excited to support the growing number of smart TV display manufacturers bringing WiSA-Ready products with immersive sound capabilities to market in 2019 and enabling the Xbox gamer, the PC gamer, and Esports enthusiasts to get in on the action with a full room of directional sound” said James Hammer CEO of Axiim.

“The Axiim Link is a truly amazing solution and represents a huge step forward in the simplification of creating unparalleled audio experiences in the home,” said Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “The Association and its members will continue to lead this exciting shift in the industry as we gear up to facilitate the launches of a wide range of innovative products that help consumers easily enjoy the abundance of multi-channel audio content coming into their homes.”

Launched in September 2018, the new WiSA Ready certification clearly identifies entertainment sources – such as TVs, gaming systems or computers – that are equipped to deliver up to eight channels of high-definition wireless audio to WiSA Certified speakers when connected with a WiSA USB transmitter. This new program simplifies consumer set-up and reduces costs by replacing AV receivers with a low-cost USB accessory.

About WiSA, LLC

WiSA™ (Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) is the creator of standards for interoperable audio technology utilized by leading CE brands and ODMs. WiSA Certified components eliminate the complicated set-up and wiring of traditional audio systems by utilizing cutting-edge wireless technology to deliver immersive sound experiences. Additionally, WiSA ensures multi-channel transmission of low-latency, high-definition audio to dramatically increase the enjoyment of movies and video, music, sports, gaming/esports, and more. For more information about WiSA, please visit www.wisatechnologies.com.

About Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc.

Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA) is a leading provider of immersive, wireless sound technology for intelligent devices and next generation home entertainment systems. Working with leading CE brands and manufacturers such as Harman International, a division of Samsung; LG; Klipsch; Bang & Olufsen; Xbox, a subsidiary of Microsoft; and others, the company delivers seamless, dynamic audio experiences for high-definition content, including movies and video, music, sports, gaming/esports, and more. Summit Wireless is a founding member of WiSA™ (the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) and works in joint partnership to champion the most reliable interoperability standards across the industry. The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA with sales teams in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. For more information please visit www.summitwireless.com.

WiSA is a registered trademark of WiSA LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Ashley Eggert, Dittoe Public Relation for WiSA™, +1 317 202 2280, ashley@dittoepr.com

Kirsten Chapman, LHA Investor Relations, +1 415 433 3777, summit@lhai.com

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