Several LG TVs gain WiSA SoundSend Certification

October 18, 2022

WiSA has announced that the LG OLED C2, OLED G2, OLED SIGNATURE Z2, ART90, LX1, QNED99 and QNED90 Series of TVs have received the WiSA SoundSend Certification.Launched last year, the WiSA SoundSend Certification programme certifies TVs as working seamlessly with WiSA SoundSend wireless audio transmitter, creating perfect sound and image synchronisation.

Connecting the WiSA SoundSend to TVs instantly upgrade the home theatre experience. The mark of a WiSA SoundSend Certification ensures picture-perfect, tightly synchronised sound from all WiSA HT Certified speakers. The Association is seeing a growing number of WiSA SoundSend Certified TVs that can all sync to speakers through the SoundSend to complete immersive sound experiences.

“We are excited that LG TVs, including our line of critically acclaimed 2022 LG OLED TVs, are now WiSA SoundSend Certified,” said David Park, LG’s head of customer value enablement for home entertainment. “Certifying our TVs to work perfectly with WiSA technology is important for LG. The WiSA SoundSend is a revolutionary product that increases the interoperability of modern TVs and enhances the already impressive functionality of our LG OLED C2 TV.”

WiSA president, Tony Ostrom added: “We are very happy to continue our great partnership with LG by certifying that these stunning TVs work flawlessly with our award-winning WiSA SoundSend wireless audio transmitter. We are proud to partner with premium brands like LG to provide consumers with outstanding home cinema solutions that are easy to create and control.”

The WiSA SoundSend is the first branded product from WiSA, built to create a seamless connection between smart TVs and speakers. The SoundSend has made headlines with awards like the Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and the Dealerscope IMPACT Award.

Connection to WiSA Certified smart TVs and speakers is simple with the SoundSend. Users should simply plug the SoundSend into the smart TV via HDMI- (or optical) connection and the SoundSend seamlessly connects wireless to the speakers. Setup takes around 10 minutes and allows complete control via the SoundSend mobile app.

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