Eurofins and WiSA Association Partner on SoundSend

October 14, 2021

WiSA is a consumer electronics consortium dedicated to creating an interoperability standard to deliver immersive sound via intelligent devices. The Association’s membership comprises more than sixty of the world’s leading audio brands and manufacturers who have implemented WiSA’s standards for wireless, high-resolution, multi-channel audio to provide their customers with the best home entertainment experiences possible.

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“This is a very exciting partnership for WiSA. The testing and quality engineering teams at Eurofins share our passion about delivering the very best in wireless audio and sound systems, and we are looking forward to working with Eurofins Digital Testing to help Smart TV manufacturers achieve compatibility and interoperability with the WiSA SoundSend wireless audio transmitter to meet the expectations of customers worldwide,” said Tony Ostrom, WiSA President. “Eurofins will play an important role in the continued adoption of our innovative technology.”

Smart TVs will receive WiSA SoundSend Certified status after they are successfully tested by Eurofins to work perfectly with the SoundSend wireless audio transmitter. This includes all audio connection and control requirements between the SoundSend and smart TV. The SoundSend is the Association’s first branded product to hit the market since its inception and is an HDMI® (or optical)-connected transmitter designed to make wireless multichannel audio accessible in minutes from nearly every smart TV to any WiSA Certified speakers.

Eurofins looks forward to partnering with the WiSA Association.

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