Enclave Audio Showcases New High-Definition Wireless Audio Speakers At Nationwide Primetime 2019

August 16, 2019

Woodland Hills, CA – August 16, 2019

Enclave Audio®, a manufacturer dedicated to designing and engineering immersive wireless audio systems for home entertainment environments, will preview their new wireless speaker systems at the Nationwide Primetime event. The Enclave CineHome™ II and CineHome PRO 5.1 channel surround sound systems leverage cutting-edge technology to achieve true-wireless audio nirvana.

“The explosive proliferation of Smart TV’s, streaming appliances, and gaming consoles brings into the consumer living room a virtually unlimited catalog of multi-channel content at the push of a button. With that comes the increased appetite for the complete multi-channel audio experience,” said Rob Jones, Enclave Audio COO and co-founder. “Sound bars, while convenient to setup, simply don’t pass the test when it comes to delivering that true, immersive surround sound experience that consumers crave. These new products fulfill that craving through ease of setup, affordability, and performance that only a separates-based home theater can deliver. Retailers now have the opportunity to increase their bottom line through the ability to offer their customers a turnkey multi-channel audio solution that is affordable, sets up simply in minutes, has no speaker wires, and appeals to a wide consumer audience of movie enthusiasts, music lovers and gamers alike.”

CineHome II and CineHome PRO

The Enclave Audio portfolio consists of the CineHome II and CineHome PRO wireless multi-channel surround sound speaker systems. Both systems leverage technology from WiSA® LLC, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, founded by Summit Wireless Technologies (NASDAQ: WISA), which has created a worldwide standard for high-definition, multi-channel wireless audio. As a result, the CineHome II and CineHome PRO speaker systems setup in minutes, not hours. Simply unbox, place the designated speakers, power the speakers from any available outlet, connect Enclave™ to a content source and the entire system syncs automatically.

Unencumbered by reels of speaker wire or complicated network configuration, Enclave operates on a discrete wireless network exclusive to the audio system and supports uncompressed 24-bit, 96KHz distributed audio with extremely low latency and less than 1 microsecond of synchronization between speakers. The result is a dynamic, impactful, high-definition audio experience across a 360-degree field of sound that instantly enhances any viewing experience as the listener is enveloped in a sphere of sound. Paired beautifully with any TV, Enclave empowers retailers to capitalize on trending market opportunities with audio systems featuring the latest in wireless audio technology and connectivity specifically designed to heighten any at-home entertainment experience.

“When we first introduced the CineHome system in 2016, we exceeded all expectations for wireless sound quality in a sub-$1,000 surround sound system,” continued Jones. “With CineHome II and CineHome PRO, we’re ready to delight and surprise the market with a consumer-friendly multi-channel wireless speaker solution that brings performance, aesthetics and competitive price points to fill a gaping void in the retail audio marketplace. We’re excited to show Primetime attendees what the new Enclave products can do, not only for their customers but for their bottom line.”

“WiSA Certified devices, such as those from Enclave and our other member brands, remove one of the largest barriers to customer adoption by eliminating the complications of setup and deployment,” said Tony Ostrom, president at WiSA Association. “All WiSA Certified components are engineered to work together seamlessly. With membership spanning across top consumer electronics brands, the WiSA Certified and WiSA Ready standard represents an opportunity for retailers to offer products they know will be highly compatible while enabling the highest audio resolution possible for a wide array of home entertainment environments.”

The Nationwide Primetime 2019 runs August 17th – 20th in New Orleans, Louisiana. Enclave will showcase their expanded line to attendees which will be available in Q4 2019 ahead of the holiday season. The CineHome II system will have a retail price of $999 MSRP and the CineHome PRO system for $1499 MSRP. Dealer programs are available.

For more information on enclave, visit www.enclaveaudio.com.

About Enclave Audio

Enclave Audio designs, engineers and manufactures immersive wireless audio solutions for single room high performance home entertainment systems. Featuring cutting-edge wireless audio technology and connectivity, Enclave systems are certified to the WiSA™ technology standard which supports extremely low latency and synchronization between speakers without compromising performance. For more information on Enclave visit www.enclaveaudio.com.

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