Pylon Audio

We were created out of passion and love for music.

We offer loud speakers and speaker sets of the highest quality, which are accurately and precisely tested to ensure that each product you purchase is state-of-the-art audio equipment.

Jasper 23

We entrusted the playback to proven speakers of the Danish Scanspeak. The transducers used have been specially selected in a series of acoustic measurements and hours of subjective tests. Lows and mids are run by a pair of famous 15 cm Revelators, with their characteristic cuts designed to reduce membrane’s distortion and its standing waves. We entrusted the treble to a silk tweeter with an ultra-light 18-gram vibrating system. This tweeter is characterized by extreme speed, and effortless reproducing the smallest details.

Jasper 25 MKII

The heart of the new Jasper are proven Scanspeak’s drivers. The speakers used have been specially selected with a series of acoustic measurements and subjective tests. A pair of legendary 18 cm Revelators are responsible for the middle and low frequencies. We entrusted the highs with a silk tweeter using one of the lightest (the dome weighs only 0.18g) vibrating systems that can be found in this type of loudspeaker.

Jasper Monitor 18

Specially selected in terms of technical parameters and sound consistency the transducers come from Danish Scan-Speak. The 18cm Revelator is responsible for the reproduction of low and mid tones—recognizable thanks to its unique, cut diaphragm. This procedure was made to reduce distortion and so-called "cone modes” which result in unprecedented control and elasticity of bass, expression and well-defined vocals. We entrusted the top of the band to the tweeter, which uses one of the lightest vibrating systems—a dome weighting only 0.18 g easily reproduces all the smallest nuances and details of recordings. The effect of these solutions is a sound with a precise, colorful and faithful character.