Streaming and OTT Brings Amazing Video and Sound

September 25, 2020

The Best Media Streaming Devices Require the Best Audio Equipment

The days of only seeing the latest movies and entertainment in the theater and stadiums are gone. Thanks to streaming and OTT, almost anyone can afford to get all their media in their home.

With this rise in available entertainment, your home theater must elevate its game as well. The money you aren’t spending at the theater or on stadium tickets can now be put into the audio equipment that will enhance your home experience for years to come.

The WiSA Association is here to help you step into the entertainment experience that is already at your fingertips. You’ve got the ability to stream the latest games, movies, music, and sports. Now is the time to make sure you get to enjoy them to the fullest with WiSA immersive wireless audio.

The WiSA Association, with its more than 60 member brands, came together to redefine worldwide standards in wireless, high-resolution, multi-channel audio for home theaters. You can count on certified equipment and product recommendations for your home.

Are you getting the best performance possible from your streaming and OTT content? There’s no reason to wait on the sound quality you deserve any longer. Trust the WiSA Certified logo.

Streaming Content Is Taking Over Entertainment

It isn’t a question any longer of whether or not streaming is here to stay. The only question left is which streaming services you want to sign up for in your home entertainment. There are a lot of options, and depending on your tastes, you could end up subscribing to countless streaming or OTT services. The good news about your home theater is that you only need to purchase the right audio equipment once.

Speakers and audio equipment can be a substantial investment, but it is one that pays for itself in the years to come. Once your system is up and running, you won’t have to worry about replacing it or subscription fees like you do with streaming services. At the WiSA Association, we want to help people like you build the home theater of their dreams and ensure years of the best entertainment available in video and audio.

Why Rely on the WiSA Association?

We test and certify professional audio solutions developed by our more than 60 member brands. We perform these tests to ensure every piece of equipment meets our worldwide standards in a long list of standards. These standards include high-resolution for your sound, low latency between your speaker systems and other pieces of equipment, interoperability with other pieces, and ease of use for the end user at home.

You can be confident that any product developed to the WiSA standard will function seamlessly together with other WiSA-certified products while eliminating the needs for complex setups. We eliminate those complications by focusing on functioning wirelessly, so you won’t face the struggles of the typical wired audio systems. Contact us today for more information or assistance in finding the perfect, modern home theater system for your needs.

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