How to Eliminate Home Theater Wiring

September 4, 2020

It’s Time to Break Free: Eliminate Speaker Wires

The home stereo system experience was once held back by the limitations of cables and wires. To get the type of sound and immersive experience that homeowners wanted, they had to use wired surround speaker systems. The technology was not at the point where it could support high-performance audio across transmitters and receivers.

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Missing gaps in the functionality of technology like this is one of the reasons the WiSA Association was formed. We know guaranteeing the best home audio system possible is about more than just the sound coming out of the speakers. Functionality and ease of use had to be part of the plan as well. We focused on defining and implementing worldwide standards for wireless audio that would perform well and be simple to set up.

Wired vs Wireless Speakers? That’s not the Question Anymore

Plenty of experts and amateurs used to spend hours debating the pros and cons of wired vs. wireless speakers. Before the right technology was available, wired speakers ruled the day. Everyone just had to get creative with how they would hide the wires and cables for existing speakers. Now we know the question isn’t wired or wireless—it’s which wireless speaker system is the best for your unique situation. And the WiSA Association has the answer.

You Can Trust Every Piece of Equipment We Certify

When you purchase a WiSA certified device from any one of our 60 member brands, you can feel confident knowing that it meets our world standards for high-resolution sound quality, multi-channel, low latency, robust surround sound, and ease of use. WiSA certified components are designed and developed to work together seamlessly. The older, more complex audio setups presented a barrier to those who wanted superior home sound quality. We guarantee an amazing home entertainment experience with straightforward functionality.

WiSA Certified Speakers Fit All Setups

We’ve made home theater simple. No wires and cables snaking around your furniture. No complex setup process that takes all day and gives you a headache. Whether you’re building a brand-new home setup from scratch or looking to add that immersive sound experience to your high-quality home theater, WiSA certified speakers and components can be added to the mix anytime you want. Just look for the “WiSA Certified” and “WiSA Ready” logos on your favorite audio components. You can trust the WiSA name.

The WiSA Ready Platform Powers All Your Experiences

The WiSA Ready platform can be integrated into a wide variety of home entertainment devices. TVs, streaming devices, video game consoles, virtual reality devices, and A/V receivers can all transmit to WiSA certified speakers from any one of our member brands. All speakers in the system are certified to be synchronized within 1/1,000,000 of a second, even when using all eight channels. You can bring your favorite games, movies, and music to life with ease.

Just Unpack, Plug In, and Play

Because every WiSA certified component is engineered to work together seamlessly, setup couldn’t be simpler. You just have to select your equipment, unpack the products, plug them into power, and enjoy the immersive experience. Forget the speaker wires and confusing setup—we offer immersive sound in minutes, not hours.

Have you been dreaming about your ideal home theater system, but felt held back by the thought of all those cables and wires running around your house? You no longer have to feel that way. With WiSA certified devices, your options are only expanding. To learn more about our device capabilities or setting up WiSA Ready devices in your home, contact us today.

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