Benefits of Becoming a WiSA Member

September 7, 2020

What Is the WiSA Association?

The WiSA Association works to test and certify audio solutions developed by our member brands. We conduct these certifications to assure the audio equipment meets or exceeds our worldwide standards. Our goals are high-resolution, multi-channel, low latency, interoperability, robustness, and ease of use for the homeowner.

Want to learn more about how we started and the simplicity of the modern home theater system? Click through and take a closer look at our past.

Home theater technology has undergone massive changes over the past 50 or so years. Today, high-quality televisions are becoming less expensive and sources of entertainment now stream through the air instead of stacking up on our shelves. This combination of content availability and affordable technology has made the home theater industry a diverse market full of options. The WiSA Ready and WiSA Certified logos make the decision easier for consumers.

Consumers Trust WiSA Compliant Products

The marketplace of consumers who are shopping for home audio equipment runs widely from amateur experts to those who know next to nothing. On top of that, there are various brands and distributors to choose from when selecting a system. The WiSA name makes it easier to shop and buy with confidence.

Whether you’re selling audio equipment or lemonade, you want to eliminate as many barriers between the buyer and the purchase. Becoming a WiSA member increases the likelihood that a consumer will select your products because there is less doubt about the quality of the product. Give your customers certainty in their purchases by becoming a WiSA member.

Wireless Speaker and Audio Systems Made Simple

Even if you’re selling to audio nerds who love to get into all the details, you’re not going to find a customer who wants their equipment and installation to be complicated. Speaker systems of the past had to sell people on how the struggle of installation would be worth it once their system was up and running. Then, home speaker systems went wireless and homeowners were stuck trying to link up the wireless signals between multiple speakers and get the signal strength necessary for high-quality sound.

At WiSA, we’ve made wireless speakers stress-free. Products developed by our members and bearing one of the WiSA logos were created specifically to work together seamlessly without speaker wires to provide the easiest, most immersive, high-end audio experience for your favorite TV, movies, video games, and music. WiSA transmitters and WiSA certified speakers connect straight out of the box without the complex mess of the past.

Join the Modern Wave of Home Entertainment Technology

Our association and member brands believe in the technology of the future. We’ve invested in growing our capabilities and being ready for every advancement that comes our way. Becoming a member of the WiSA Association is a signal to the audio equipment industry that you’ve risen to another level of consumer electronics.

That member logo is professional assurance that the company and the audio product adhere to the WiSA specification to wirelessly deliver up to 8 channels of uncompressed, 24-bit, 96k sound for the ultimate immersion into movies, music, and esports.

For consumers, they know they are looking at a piece of equipment that is certified to deliver the immersive experience they’re looking for in home theater. For your competition, they know you’ve taken your technology to the next level in quality. You can join the ranks of brands like LG, TCL, Phillips, SHARP, Pioneer, and THX. To learn more about becoming a member of the WiSA Association or to explore the equipment our members offer, contact us today.

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